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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sisyphus Lyrics - Track 5 Tetrafusion - Dreaming of Sleep

TRACK 5 - Sisyphus It’s so clear, it’s so apparent So why don’t you understand? In every single case You maintain the upper hand Living in our separate worlds We’re selectively connected Like light through a glass My words are misdirected My input is always refracted, Rejected or misunderstood Dismissing other perspectives As if it would do any good We’re speaking the same language But sometimes I’m not so sure The glass is becoming darker Your intentions are growing more obscure Are we from such different places, That you cannot see my side? Would it be so difficult If only you had tried? My words hitting a wall The paint never sticks But the more I try The messier it gets You only give me part of the picture The rest is left to chance Withholding bits and pieces You’re setting the stage in advance Tallying the wins and losses Always keeping score Forever pushing forward Always wanting more And so you’ve traded everything For your idealistic goal I know you thought that you were climbing, But you only dug a hole There is no pinnacle, no summit No destination to find It’s not just luck, not happenstance; There’s a pattern that you’ve left behind... Endlessly pushing to the peak Only to enjoy it alone Your journey in vain A pointless mission Endlessly pushing to the peak Just to tumble right back down A life made meaningless Through bare repetition Aimlessly pushing to the peak When will this self-righteous quest Exhaust your need for Narcissistic ambition? Forever condemned to endlessly seek Yearning for goals, that you’ll never reach. Striving so hard for some imaginary goal that you see It’s clear that nothing’s meant to change, and there is nothing to grieve This endless struggle plagues me, time to cut my losses and leave No longer burdened with this restlessness and compromising Faces of time are shattered on the floor, the smoke is clearing

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