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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Perfect Silence Lyrics - Track 9 Tetrafusion - Dreaming of Sleep

TRACK 9 - Perfect Silence And so I, I was waiting for the end The conclusion that never came At first I was relieved Drifting peacefully, sleeplessly Over time, I came to comprehend This unbroken, unceasing journey to nowhere, Forever dreaming of sleep Longing for brevity and reveries, For days without a care The infinite is all that I have, And nothing can compare Limitless memories Far too much for me to contain In this perfect stillness Only thoughts remain Perpetually alone This unbearable solitude In this perfect silence Impossible magnitude When will this life fade away Carried to some tranquil place where Distant memories all fade away Laid to rest so I can finally sleep There is nothing, nothing more for me I’m left waiting for what I hope will come And so I, I continue my unbroken, unceasing Journey to the void

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